The Big Heads-Up Challenge - 6th Update

Hi everyone,

The 3rd level is done (7,00$ NL Heads-Up) and here are the statistics and results:
  • number of victories - 135;
  • number of losses - 115;
  • total invested - 1750$;
  • total won - 1800,90$;
  • profit - 50,90$;
  • number of VPP won - 455.

This level went worst than I have thought. A lot of bad beats, a lot of bad players (it doesn't mean that I am a good one, as I said in a post before) doing unbelievable things and the tilt...

I have some hands that I would like to show and discuss with all off you. I also would like to see your opinions and how would you play at the same situations.

Here is the first hand. I was with 675 Chips, quite short, and the other player with 2325 Chips. The Blinds were at the level 15$/30$. He was the Dealer, first to talk pre-Flop, and makes a simple call. I made a small raise, from 30 to 90 Chips, the other player calls, and the Flop came. Since I was very short and I had two pairs, I've decided to make an instant ALL-IN. The other player makes an instant call with an amazing pocket pair of 4's and the result is shown. A Flush on the River with a Diamond on the hand...

The second hand that I want to show can be seen above. I was the Chip-leader of the tournament with 1765 chips and the other player was with 1235 chips. The Blinds were at the level 20$/40$ and the other player was the Dealer. He raised pre-Flop from 40$ to 80$ and since I had the best hand, a pocket pair of Aces, I have decided to raise him 3 times (from 80$ to 240$). The other player calls and the Flop came. I was the first to talk and I forced him to bet everything or to fold (I made a bet of 994 chips and he had 995). He raises to 995 chips, I called and the Flop came. The rest can be seen.

And here is the last one that happened in this level. I would describe it as unbelievable.
As can be seen, I was de Dealer, the Blinds were at the level 10$/20$, and I made a simple call pre-Flop. The other player checks it and the Flop came. Since we were playing very aggressive and since I had the Top Pair I've decided to make an instant ALL-IN. The other player calls it at the same instant and the result can be seen. What does he have to make such a call? Absolutely nothing, possibility of nothing and he made an amazing Three of a Kind. Fantastic.

My actual Bankroll is at 233,68$ and the 4th level of the challenge (15$ NL Heads-Up) should start now. However, and since I don't feel quite comfortable to play this level with just 15 Buy-ins, I am going to do 100 extra games of 7$ NL Heads-Up and try to get close to 350$. I know that these extra games were not on the plan of the challenge, but in my opinion it makes sense to do that to don't through it all way.

Good luck to everyone and see you at the tables.

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