The Big Heads-Up Challenge - 4th Update

Hi people,

The 2nd level (3,50$ NL Heads-Up) of my challenge is finished and here are the statistics and results:
  • number of victories - 157;
  • number of losses - 93;
  • total invested - 875$;
  • total won - 1033,06;
  • profit - 158,06$;
  • number of VPP won - 290.

I think this went better than what I thought, specially the last 125 games. Maybe it is not so good for the amount of games that I've made, but in my opinion 158,06$ of profit in 3,50$ NL Heads-Up is not so bad.

I promised in the previous post to talk about some hands. However, I can just talk about one since I've just made one print screen.

At the beginning of this hand, I was the Chip-Leader with 2200 Chips and the other player had 800. The blinds were at the level 20$/40$ and since I was the Dealer, I've decided to make just a simple call pre-Flop. The Flop came and the other player, the first to "talk", bets 80$. Since I had the nuts on the Flop I raised him to 240$ (3 times his bet). My opponent goes at the same instant ALL-IN and, as it is obvious, I called him. The result can be seen.
That happens a lot of times in Heads-Up Poker or, at least, it happens a lot of times to me.
Please give me your opinions and say what have you made in this situation.

Anyway, I have already started the 3rd level (7,00$ NL Heads-Up) with the initial bankroll of 158,06$ (around 22 buy-ins, I know that it is a "suicide" strategy) and once I reach 125 games, a post will be made.

Good luck to everyone and see you at the tables.

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