The Heads'Up Challenge - Last Update


I am writing to do the last update of The Head's Up Challenge. As I mentioned in the previous post, the task of winning 80 games in 100 is almost impossible, and it was! I lost 50 games (in 100). I consider that I was playing good, but when things like below shown happen, it is impossible to win something and people starts to lose motivation.

- All-in pre-flop

- All-in pre-flop

- All-in pre-flop

- All-in pre-flop

- All-in pre-flop

- All-in on the flop

- All-in on the flop (I did raise pre-flop, and the player gave call with 7 3. No comments!)

- All-in on the turn

Much more happened but I have just those print-screens.

Final state of the challenge:
  • games done - 200/200;
  • victories - 110/140.
See you at the tables!


The Heads'Up Challenge - 2nd Update


The second series of 50 games did not proceed as desired. I just won 29 games (out of 50), which means that in the next 100 games, I need to win 80 of them. Hard task, but not impossible and I am here to do it.

State of the challenge:
  • games done - 100/200;
  • victories - 60/140.
See you at the tables!


The Heads'Up Challenge - 1st Update

Hello everybody,

Here is the first update after 50 games done:
  • 31 games won;
  • 19 games lost.
I have to win more games in the next series of 50 games. This challenge did not start as desired with some bad beats at the beginning. The things are now going well and I hope that will continue like that.
The modality of Heads'Up requires a lot of patience and attention, things that I am trying to improve.

State of the challenge:
  • games done - 50/200;
  • victories - 31/140.

To finish, give a look on what frequently happens in these games (all-in pre-flop).

See you at the tables!


The Heads'Up Challenge

Hi everybody!

I am back and I've decided to test again my capacities in a new challenge: The Heads'Up Challenge. Since this is the modality that I am playing more, due to the fact that it is much more faster to get money, I think that I can get success on this challenge.
The challenge consists of play 200 Sit & Go 2,20$ NL Heads'Up (in PokerStars) and win at least 70% of the games (140 games). Every 50 games, I am going to do the actualization of the challenge.

See you!


Mission Failed!!!

Once again, sorry for the long time without update this blog.
As the title of this post suggests, I didn't reach my goal.
I was with more then 40$ on Wednesday (22nd December, 2010) and then, I finish the week with about 6$. The most incredible things happened, as usually, and the result was this...
I don't have time now to speak about the statistics, but I am going to do that by the end of February or beggining of March.
I will also think about a new challenge, but this time, a "real" challenge.
See you at the tables,

Mr. Keysson