The Big Heads-Up Challenge - 2nd Update

First level (1,50$ NL Heads-UP) is done and here the statistics and results:
  • number of victories - 141;
  • number of losses - 109;
  • total invested - 375$;
  • total won - 389,16$;
  • profit - 14,16$;
  • number of VPP won - 0,66x250=165.

As can be seen, the results are quite bad. A lot of "bad" players (it does not mean that I am a good one, but I cannot make some things that I see everyday, like all-ins pre-flop with 6 3 and so on) in this level and it is hard to don't tilt.
Anyway, I am going to start the next level (250 games of 3,50$ NL Heads-Up) with the initial bankroll of 24,72$ (10,56$ from my initial bankroll at the beginning of the challenge plus the profit from the 1st level). That's not even 10 buy-ins but "no risk, no fun". I am expecting to don't find so many "bad" players at this level and I will try to play very concentrated (something that it's not easy sometimes).

Good luck to everyone and see you at the tables.

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