Return and "The Big Heads-Up Challenge"

Hi everybody,

Almost 2 years passed since last time I wrote here. Many things contributed for my absence but I am not going to talk about them. However, I've decided to reactivate my Blog and I will try to keep it active.
I have decided to make The Big Heads-Up Challenge, at PokerStars, that consists on starting with a bankroll of 10,56$ and play the following number of games and levels:
  • 250 games 1,50$ NL Heads-Up;
  • 250 games 3,50$ NL Heads-Up;
  • 250 games 7,00$ NL Heads-Up;
  • 250 games 15,00$ NL Heads-Up.
In total, I should play 1000 games and in every level I must get an acceptable profit to go to the next one. I am not following the "rule" of the 100 buy-ins for my bankroll management (maybe I am doing it wrong), and I will go to another level if I will feel quite comfortable at the end of the 250 games in the previous level.

I have already started the Challenge and an update of that will be made soon.

Good luck everyone and see you at the tables.

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