The Big Heads-Up Challenge - 7th Update

Hi people,

First of all, I apologize for my "long" absence.
In the previous post, I talked about doing 100 extra games of 7$ NL Heads-Up since the things didn't go as I expected. However, I've decided later on to do 250 games (the repetition of the 3rd level) since it also doesn't went so well, and here are the statistics and results:
  • number of victories - 136;
  • number of losses - 114;
  • total invested - 1750$;
  • total won - 1814,24$;
  • profit - 64,24$;
  • number of VPP won - 455.

It was nothing special also and I've finished with a bankroll of 297,92$ (quite far from the 350$ that I expected).
Anyway, I am going to the next level (15$ NL Heads-UP) and soon I will talk about how is it going.

See you at the tables.


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